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14 Mar 2002
I frankly admit it: I highly enjoyed reading James Clavell's novel "Shogun". As teenager I also very impressed to watch the early 80s Shogun movie series, starring Yoko Shimada, Toshiro Mifune and Richard Chamberlain. John Blackthorne (Anjin-san), impersonated by Chamberlain, is based on a historic personage, William Adams who arrived in Japan in 1600. Daily Yomiuri reviewed a book devoted to Adams.

The Adventurer Who Unlocked Japan

On a hill overlooking Yokosuka Harbor on Miura Peninsula, a short walk from Anjintsuka (Anjin's Grave) Station, is a grave marked "Miura no Anjin and wife." In Hirado, on a small island off the northwest coast of Kyushu, on a hill that would have a fine view of Hirado Harbor were it not for a small woods, is a grave marked "William Adams." Nearby is a bit of stone cut from the gravestone of his wife, Mary, who is buried in England. Miura no Anjin is the Japanese name of William Adams. One man, two graves, two wives. Sounds like an interesting story. [...]

=> http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/newse/20030525wo62.htm

Seems to be another must read. Does anyone happen to know the book?

Samurai William: The Englishman Who Opened the East
This year there is the premiere of Tom Cruise latest filme depicting his gaijin adventures in Japan during the Meiji: www.thelastsamurai.com

Well, the latest Tarantino movie has some latex babes waving katanas but I think that is another idealized Western vision of Japan. But it's a Tarantino and I can wait to see Kill Bill.
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