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samurai religion


28 Aug 2003
hi can anybody please tell me which religion the samurai practiced.the reason for htis is that i am decorating my flat in the desighn and whant to make sure i do it correctley.

many thanks
Most samurai, I think, where Shintou. Before an important battle they prayed to "Hachiman", the God of war. ^^
thank you for this it is of great help to me.can anybody tell me if there is a statue if the god af war and where i can find out more information on this.
Depending on the time period, a lot of samurai subscribed to Zen Buddhism as well. I am intrigued by your decoration efforts. Do you mean one corner of your flat with perhaps a scroll? If you are going for samurai living quarters, your decore will be very spartan in nature.
hi and thankyou it is one part of my flat mainly the entrance area up the stairs and the hall way where i would like to plaace a type of shrine in one part of the hall way where the 3 doors to other rooms meet.any suggestions on this would be gratefully received
thankyou fro your help i am also looking for phrases that i can paint on the wall if any body can help with this it would be great.
You could paint this Samurai Kanji on your wall:

Or you could paint this Zen Kanji on your wall:

Or you could paint them both on your wall to say "Samurai Zen"

In Gassho, Kakuzen
on the other hand in the meiji restauration shintoism has been stressed as the emperors (the native) religion- so that it could be supposed that buddhism was quite strong under the edo bakufu as well....
The 2 main religions of that time are still the 2 main religions of Japan. Shinto and Buddhism. Most likely they were one of the 2.
Good point Mandylion-san. There has always been a good mixing of the 2 religions in most Japanese families, especially back then.
They are a good balance for each other, well, from what I know of either of them. I need to find a good thread in the archives. Moyashi-sensei posted something great about a year ago...I will try to find it and revive it.
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