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Samsung Pay - NFC payments


Sailing away...
3 Aug 2007
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Hi everyone,

I did a quick search on the forums and didn't see any threads that covered this already, but if you know of one please post a link to it.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 on which I use Samsung Pay via both NFC and the magnetic strip writer (very cool for the non-nfc terminals). I know that Japan is not listed as a country supporting Samsung pay, though apparently Apple Pay and Android Pay are supported, but has anyone successfully used the NFC abilities on this phone in Japan? I saw a couple of mentions via a Google search that using the magnetic strip feature works (Samsung Pay feature only) but that is not really that surprising as it just fools the reader into thinking you swiped a card. Try as I might I can't seem to find out if the NFC version in this phone will work or not. It looks like NFC-F (FeliCa) is required in Japan but all the specs list for this phone is just "NFC".

I also have Android Pay which is why I'm asking. Also, does anyone know if its possible to add an ICOCA card to Android Pay?

Thank you!

- Petaris
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