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Salutations, ladies and hairballs.

Nu Archetype

16 Jul 2003
How's it going everyone? Just happened to find this site in the favorites of a good friend of mine. He said he didn't really enjoy his stay at this place very much. He said a lot of you guys were a**holes. Let us prove him wrong!

Anyway, I've been in this Japanese scene for a while now, and I just recently started learning it. I never really enjoy learning other languages, but, call me crazy, I just like the way people sound when they speak in Japanese. :p

I've been watching anime since I was, like, 8 or 9 years old. That would make it nearly 8 years this year. I've been playing video games for even longer. About a year ago I even got into the music. Primarily the "mainstream" shiza, but it was in Japanese nonetheless. I felt quite stupid listening to the words, leading on other people to think I actually understood it. After making an *** of myself after so many times, I finally decided to actually LEARN to speak and understand it.

I've more or less learned kana. I can quickly recall all kana symbols, but I still have a lot of trouble distinguishing the between those " and flying circle (I have no idea what they are called) and when 窶堙つ is being used as tsu or as 窶堙? Other things of the like....

So anyways, this is a bit too long for an intro so I'll go ahead and cut it off here.
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