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Article Sakura Castle

Hiroto Uehara

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9 Sep 2016
Hiroto Uehara submitted a new Article:

Sakura Castle

Sakura Castle (佐倉城 Sakura-jō) is located in the city of Sakura in Chiba Prefecture and was constructed on the 30-meter-high Kashima plateau. Due to its elaborate use of the natural topography it was an impregnable location surrounded by marshes and rivers.

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The map is based on Google Earth. The location of enclosures or others are my speculation, so they may not be correct.

Built on the unfinished remains of Kashima Castle that had been started by the Chiba clan in the Sengoku Period, Doi Toshikatsu (土井利勝, 1573-1644), a high-ranking official in the Tokugawa shogunate and advisor to the second shogun, Hidetada, completed the castle in 1617 under the orders of Ieyasu himself. Thereafter, it served as one of the important...

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