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Sake: chilled or warm?

Mou Kaoru

6 Nov 2003
I'm new to drinking sake and I know that some sake taste better chilled (such as premium) and some taste better warm. But ppl say--when it comes to sake, to each his own.
To all you fun loving sake drinkers, I wanted to ask what's your preference?
Arigatou gozaimasu!🙂
well I'm definately no expert, but I like my sake ;) Which can be a bit difficult living in shochu country....
I drink it chilled or warm depending on what I'm eating and the season, but maybe there are some rules... I'll be interested to hear
hmmm, I am no expert on what brands are better, but I prefer atsukan(warmed) nihonshu over hiya(chilled). However, drinking that will get you drunk pretty quickly after putting down a couple of bottles. I am more of a beer man myself, but from time to time I have been known to put down some sake.
i like sake, though ive only ever had the cold kind whenever i get a bottle from the store it says serve cold on top of it so thats what i do.
Neither way, because I don't like sake. I can't tolerate alcohol like I used to. I do like umeshu(plum wine), though. That is very good.
If you can get a nice junmai-ginjo sake...depending on where it is made...it can be good both ways. Plus, it depends on what you are having with it. Sushi, I like it cold or chilled. Tempura or a hot dish...I like it hot or warm. My personal feeling is that it should reflect what your consuming it with.
Premium sakes are dry, and they have complexities that are damaged by heat exposure. They are always to be served cold.
I have no idea how to explain it, sorry Silver Angel!

I used to love umeshu, but now I find the taste too strong. I like sake, but I feel a bit guilty when I drink good sake because I don't have enough experience to appreciate it. My husband can take a sip and know it's a good brand, but I still have no idea :p Now wine, that's another matter.....
Sake I've had varies from slightly sweet to very sweet, at all quality levels. A premium sake can be sweet as long as everything is in balance -- flavors, aromas, acidity, sweetness. You can always taste the rice and a little yeastiness from the fermenting process. Sake always has a nice, velvetty mouthfeel -- one of my favorite things about it is that it always seems thicker in the mouth than it pours (if that makes any sense). The aromas you will find are often gentle fruit aromas (I've smelt a lot with melon, plum, or cherry); grass; yeast; pine; sometimes a little nutty flavors. Some sake (of all quality levels) has distilled spirits added, that's to give it a bit of heat that you'll notice in the back of your throat.

So I'd say drinking sake is as follows:

- Yeasty, fruity smells followed by
- Round, spreading sweetness. Viscous, velvetty mouthfeel. Rice flavor abundant and adicity that tapers, giving way to fruity or spicy esters.
- The alcohol's little heat or roughness when you swallow.
- Lingering aromas and flavors, maybe some tartness or bitterness after it all.
Thanks Kov ;) I'll try and analyse the next cup of sake I have but I'm still a beginner. If someone hands me a cup and asks me to tell them what grade it is, I couldn't say 😊

I live in Shochu country so that's what most people drink, but I don't like it at all!!
Well, that was more for Silver Angel's benefit, but hey ...

Shochu's not so bad, it's one of those that you can get away with heating up without losing much. We used to drink it after sledding! Honestly, though, I'm more of a wine guy than a sake guy so my sake taste is a bit weird. For instance, I tend to enjoy junmai-shu more than ginjo-shu. Of course daiginjo is great, but I guess you get what you paid for.
I like sake, but its not my favorite Drink of choice. Its good because I don't get up the next morning hungover like I do with Beers or sugary drinks. I also like it warm, because its very rare that I drink warm alcholic beverages.

My personal favorate is scotches, single Malts. There are some good Japanese ones too like Suntory Hibiki (its actually an 8 year old whiskey but its better than some 12 year old Scotches). My Absolutely favorite drink though is 16 year Lagavuilin. My friends hate it, they always ask me how does the campfire taste (its got a reaaaaaaallly peaty flavor) but its sooo smooth. It also has the ability to eat my wallet.,.. a bottle costs 100$ CND (about 75 USD)... a bit too much but well worth the money
Yeah, Lagavulin is great! In fact, I have a gorgeous bottle staring at me from the shelf that I keep saying I'm going to give to a good friend but I just never get around to it. I'll probably just drink it myself.
I prefer sake to be chilled. It tasts better esp in hot weather, if the weather is cold, then warm sake. My japanese friends said that most ppl who drink sake are older generation and can only drink certain portion, else not good for health. I think I prefer whisky still.

賢しみと 物言ふよりは 酒飲みて
酔ひ泣きするし まさりたるらし
To keep silent and act wisely is still not as good as drinking sake, getting drunk, and weeping.

- Otomo no Tabito (665 - 773) -
I have been wanting to buy and taste some Sake but im not sure if I should.

How strong would you say Skae is compared to american Acohol?

And Do different Brands consist of Different Taste?
im not sure, i've never drank sake. But when you watch the old kung-fu films and stuff, they all drink out of the little half eggshell sized cups. Like a shot glass sort of thing.

I guess they may have changed the 'sake delivery system' since the feudal times though ..... :D

i tried sake for the first time on saturday! - my japanese class had a little party with sushi and stuff...yea, the sake is in little cups like you say
ah cool! Im thinking of hunting out some sake at the weekend.....got to look through the booze shops.


Sake Yum!

I tried Sake at a Chinese Restaurant. Warmed. Yuck. It was bitter.
Then I tried it again, this time at a Japanese restaurant, Warmed, and it was sweeter..quite a bit sweeter. I enjoyed it. Maybe I enjoyed it a bit too much. I now make it a point to treat myself to sake there at that restaurant quite often now! Heeeheee! (Maybe I should ask what brand that is they serve.)

What can I say, I live in Alaska! And its cold here! What a fantastic way to warm up! Goooooood Japanese food and Warm Sake!

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