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saiyuki reload


the crazy hyper one...
15 Oct 2003
hey i heard it's out (the anime)? anyone know's where i can get them and how many eps have been released? oh and if it's in japanese i'll need subtitles. if dubbed in it has to be in english or chinese... or else i wouldn't be able to understand ya...
well I've seen up to 12 in Saiyuki but I don't even know what happens in Reload. would someone enlighten me on what happens in Reload?
umm... reloads like... the same charas... and they are STILL traveling around... but their outfits are nicer... especially Sanzo's, Kou's and Hakkai's~ ^^ the others are like... slight changes I think... and you get to know about Kombyou Sanzo (sp?) and Dr. Ni... :D

I don't think that like helped alot... but I'm kinda bad at telling stories~ :p
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