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Sailor-Moon Live Action

Good old P2P :) If you wish to PM me I will give you the link (not sure if it against forum rules to post it here)
its against the policy to post links to copyrighted material.
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no worries. 🙂

anyway i cant imagine trying to download eps on dial up. the mere thought of getting a 200mb file at 3k/sec makes me want to hide under my blanket for days, and by the time i came out, the download would be at 36% :p
you can still download, it will just take awhile. its up to you if you wanna stay online for a couple days.
Thanks to a friend of a friend, I got a tape of the first four episodes of the live action Sailor Moon. I must admit, it certainly was different, but it has a, well, wacky sort of charm.

The actresses who play Usagi and crew pretty much have their personalities down pat, the f/x for the transformation sequences and the Senshi's powers were better than I expected, though, if I wanna nitpick, Mercury's hair looks more platinum than blue. The youmas however look like something fresh out of Saban's Power Rangers and the generals are a bit too young and goofy looking for my taste. Case in point: Nephlyte sports a pompadour that would put Little Richard to shame! But Beryl was a flat out hottie!

All in all, from what little I've seen, I think the live action SM is fairly decent. I hope the series eventually makes its way to the States!
guys,don't expect too much when the girls do the kicks
I was told that those kicks were done by male stunts
No, they are done by a female stunt-group.

I really like the series - it improved very much from the first few episodes on.
There are some 30 MB-files out there for slower connections ..
Hey, guys! I just purchased the first six episodes on VCD from a friend and man is this show cool! Their transformations are beautiful, especially (IMO) Sailor Mars. I love it when she poses at the end of the transformation with the wall of flames behind her. I've heard people say that the effects are cheesy, but I think they're amazing and out of this world. The plot more closely resembles the manga and has a new theme, of which I'm thankful for. I'm intrigued by the fact that Luna is no longer a normal cat, but a stuffed animal, and the Luna Pen from both the manga and anime is replaced with a magic cell phone with a digital camera! It's not in the episodes I have yet, but the twist that Mamoru is engaged to an other girl is very interesting. I just love all these twists that it adds to the Sailor Moon story. The youma are pretty weird, too, much like the Power Rangers monsters, but seeing as Bandai had a hand in producing both shows, it doesn't suprise me (not that it's a bad thing). This show is the best!
I'm a huge fan, but had to purchase VCDs as my connection is pitiful ;_;

It's cheesy, but fun. If you like or have an interest in Sailormoon it's definately worth checking out !!
you could always ask a friend on a good connection to dl and send on cds ^_^...

god i can't wait 'til i get home.. my 10mbit connection will be hooked up today or tomorrow... ZOOOOOOOOOM!!

it's like an internet ferrarri and no cops!
if anyone on a slow connection needs the series, i have episodes 1-28 i can send to you on cd-r. those are the only episodes fansubbed as of now so i am pretty up to date. awesome series XD i am so addicted! yeah so email me if your interested ^.~
That sort of reminds me of a live action play I seen some Koreans doing of Blizzard's Starcraft: Broodwar PC Game. It was hilarious watching them dressed as Zerglings and fight units attacking each other. I fell out of my chair laughing so hard.
The live action completely cracks me up. The scouts look fine but they are but ugly with those wigs (except Mercury, she still looks nice). Japan still has that Monkey Magic style "jump-from-high-place" camera technique for e.g. in the first ep, Sailor Moon jumps off the side of the stairs and the moment she jumps off, the camera changes immediately and shows her feet landing. Natsukashii. Another thing that made me chuckle is this show is aired at 7:30pm right? The clock is on the ep. Anyway, it's 7:30 and it's prime time or family viewing time, and in the first 2 minutes (maybe less), OF THE FIRST EPISODE FOR GOD'S SAKE we clearly see girl's underpants. LOL. Japan are lenient about these things aren't they? That's so cool.
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