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sailor moon help me!!!!!!!!


10 Nov 2003
well i used to watch sailor moon when i was in highschool so between the years of 94-97, i used to be addicted, i watched everyday before school, then college started and i couldn't see it anymore, so now i'm tryin to catch up where i left off i know its been a long time about 7 years so please start fillin me on what all i have missed!!! PLEASE!! i watched the american dubbed. i live in the usa. so please help me!
shannon:) :p
well... you prolly only saw sm classic as i think thats all that got dubbed. but i could be wrong because i dont really keep up on sailor moon besides what my girlfriend tells me about it. anyway if you have BT then you can get the remainder of the series and watch them at your leisure. they go classic, romance, star, super, super star. oh and theres a live action version you can get as well. thats about all the help i can give ya for now.
yeah i've watched the live action sailor moon, its kinda.. funny. have you ever seen power rangers? now just add that with sailor moon, here

Sailor Moon + Power Rangers = cute girls running around being hit by 3d animated cats -.-
Oh yes its scarry... seriously... although i like how Usagi wears old school converses in this one episode, haha i didnt know they sold those there >.< i'm a bit off, hahahaha
OO i know how you feel, in england they just stopped showing sailor moon after the third season (after they defeated the dark man) I really miss it , they dont even show the first episodes anymore, so any one who can help me to..... Thanx
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