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Sailor moon another story, Wicked kewl game


7 Jan 2004
Hi, have any of you played sailor moon anotehr story that is sucha kewl game. has anyone got any saved games, i havent managed to get past jupiter's mission,

n i have the game if any is interested (4 pc);)
no i found it on the internet, its really good, u play as each of the charectors and have really kewl attacks its for the zsnes emulator, its worth donloading, even if u dont like sailor moon
You need an emulator to play this on the PC, right? Oh, I see now which emulator you need.
I haven't played the game myself, but...whoa, I didn't Sailor Moon Another Story would be a knockout story...:p And so, the Moonie blood left in me has reared its ugly, yet beautiful, head... 👍
Hey. I've been playing Sailor Moon Another Story for a while now. I got to the Sailor Jupiter chapter and my computer crashed a few days later so I lost everything. Does anyone know where I can download saved games? Would anyone send me theirs?
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