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S15 Silvia Steering Wheel


26 Dec 2003
I was wondering, I have a S15 steering wheel and I would like know how rare it is. I have never seen another one like it. Hopefull you all can share some info on it, like what model and year.

the pic you cant really tell but it has wooden grips and black stitching

and yes I know it is an auto matic:box:
Well, the S15 was a Japan-only car manufactured from 99-02. They're resonably common in Japan, although it seems like there are more S14s. I've seen a few up close, but I've never seen the wooden steering wheel. Maybe it's from the convertible version (Varietta). Where did you get it?

...and don't even get me started about how much better than the 350z the S15 was... :angryfire
Well It was off the Varietta. But I am curious about it cause I have look all over for another one like it my buddy use to live in Japan and he has never seen one like it either.

So how much better is the S15? m477
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