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S-11 videozapping the apocalipse


free spirit
29 Oct 2002
The Guerrilla News Network has made a great 11 minute movie, culled from over 20 hours of footage from different channels. It's a lightning fast razorsharp analysis of the post 9/11 coverage by the general media and gives you quite a different view of the politicians and their calls for war. It's insightful, frightning and funny at the same time. The links on the movie page go to the Windows Media version at the Sundance Online Film Festival (they're competing with that movie).

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I've watched the video without sound, but after having browsed their website I think I got the point. It is good to know that there are still voices of opposition and common sense in the US. Where were they on election day?
You should hear it with sound since it is more powerfull. I've just finished watching it now. I had tried before but the servers were always cloughed.

Actually the people choose Al Gore but the College of whatstheirnames choose Bush Jr.

I don't think that even the americans know what happened in that election.


Can't wait for the day that everybody will have UN Elections 2.0 on their PCs... :)
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