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Rustic Town, WaiWai


8 Oct 2002
WaiWai makes fun of a rustic area.

The area is rustic Gunma Prefecture

Is this truly a rustic area, and in what sense ?

Lack of lusty pinup girl
leaves rustic town in a tiff

By Ryann Connell
Staff Writer

Ikaho, the Gunma Prefecture town you'd miss if you blinked while driving through

Konnichiwa Arnadstephen-san!

"WaiWai" is not the name of a place.
"WaiWai" is an onomatopoeic word of cheer in Japan. And it means "pleasure", " many people" and "chattering".

The question is...

I think arnadstephen is quite aware of the fact that waiwai is not the name of a place. His question is simply:

Is Gunma a rustic area?

And my question:

Would it be an interesting place to go to and if yes, why?
Konnichiwa Halx-san!

Well... Gunma is a rustic area because Gunma is the next prefecture of Tokyo. Tokyo is the biggest capital city in Japan and the others are all rustic area. :D
Sorry, it's a joke.:p
But Tokyo is the biggest capital city in Japan and Gunma is the next prefecture of Tokyo certainly. But why is Gunma a rustic area? Because Gunma is mountainous prefecture.
Japan is a island country and most of all big city has big port in Japan. But Gunma is mountainous prefecture.😄
I have interesting in Tokyo but not in Gunma.:giggle:

If you have a interesting in Gunma, please look next site. This is official site of Gunma prefecture.


Thank you very much for your information. Probably Nagoya City is rustic enough for the moment :D

Anyway do people from Tokyo make jokes about Gunma in general as propably virtually any country has region considered to be especially backward? (I won't name the ones of my own country... ;))
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