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Russia, China held a joint military exercise


4 Mar 2016
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The recent joint exercise of China and Russia shows that these two countries are developing their relationships in every setting among military cooperation.
Based on news, the exercise started at an undisclosed location in the China sea on Friday, after vessels departed from China’s southeastern province of Guangdong on Monday, when maneuvers were formally kicked off.

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With the participation of 21 aircraft and 18 ships from both sides, including destroyers, cruisers, frigates, amphibious warfare ships and supply vessels, Russian and Chinese naval troops practiced a number of scenarios, such as emergency, search and rescue missions, as well as escorting vessels.
The Russian Navy deployed three surface combatants and two supply ships, two choppers, 96 marines and a number of amphibious armored units.

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The maneuvers have been described as “the largest operation ever” conducted jointly by the two countries.
The joint Chinese-Russian military exercises are the fifth of their kind since 2012 and the first such drills to be held in the South China Sea. They also coincide with the commencement of the US-led “Valiant Shield 2016” drills in the West Asian Pacific.
The presence of the US in the region has upset regional powers China and Russia, which say such extra-regional presence serves to inflame tensions among countries.
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