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Roommate in Japan


19 Nov 2002
Hi, I am looking for someone that is interested in living in Japan and wants to leave around the end of July.

I am 18 years old, MALE.
Sapporo has 2 gaijin aparment slums that many go to live at first.
Getting roommates isn't that hard probably, just need to find the right places to find the ads.

Good luck and welcome
Where do want to live?
Yoiu might be able to target the city of choice by asking JET program teacher's in those areas.

a webpage off-hand ... errr, not any more ... except ...

xene.org ? or is it .com or .net. Well, which ever way. It's a site for a magazine that is published in Sapporo and possible mail ordered by other folks too. they might be able to help too.

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