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Ronald Takaki - Strangers from a Different Shore


31 Oct 2002
Has anyone read this book yet? It came out a while ago but I started reading a couple pages and it seems pretty interesting ... a little dry with dates and laws .. but pretty interesting .. anyone else read this?

I'd like to take a look at it. I thought this thread said there was a PDF I could download, but I don't see it (sorry if thats a dumb question I'm new to this forum). I would like to get it if possible because I also have a term paper I would like to use this for. I'm having trouble finding it a library and don't really want to buy it if it can be helped. Thanks for any help in advance.
Ronald Takaki is a great historian, and I always enjoy his work.

Another great book by him is Double Victory - A multicultural history of America in World War II.

He has written many good articles on Japanese immigrants in American during WWII. Especially about racist treatment.
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