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25 Jun 2002
Hey guys. I was just wondering if one of you would be kind enough to translate the following into Romaji. Arigato.

3.サンタクロースがやって る(吉澤ひとみ,加護亜依, さみ,石井リカ)
4.雪のおどり(矢口真里,石川梨華,新垣理沙, さみ)
6.サンタが街にやって る(保田圭,りんね,アヤカ,松浦亜弥)
7.ママがサンタにキッスした(保田圭,辻希美,りんね,ミ カ)
8.ホワイトクリスマス(安倍なつみ,高橋愛,ミカ,石井リ カ)
9.おめでとうクリスマス(飯田圭織,紺野 さ美, さみ,アヤカ,ミカ)
10.もろびとこぞりて(飯田圭織, さみ,アヤカ,ミカ,石井リカ)
11.ゆき(辻希美,紺野 さ美,りんね)
Lol..it's JPOP. I can do some of the Hiragana but the Katakana and Kanji I'm lost on..

Do want the names done too?

I'm still a little busy, maybe later tonight.

You also got some [mojibake] going on. In the names that is.
What is this a christmas CD? lololo

1.) shinguru beru (yaguchi mari, matsuura ayumi, ishii rika)
2.) akahana no tonokai (???. ogawa makoto, ayaka)
3.) santa kuru-su ga yatteru (yoshizawa hitomi, ???, sami,ishii rika)
4.) yuki no odori (yaguchi mari, ishikawa ??, ?? risa, sami)
5.) kaze mo yuki mo tomodachi da (?? natsumi, ?? risa, ishii rika)
6.) santa ga machi ni yatteru (???, rinne, ayaka, matsuura ayumi)
7.) mama ga santa ni kissu shita (???, tsuji nozomi, rinne, mika)
8.) howaito kurisumasu (?? natsumi, takahashi ai, mika, ishii rika)
9.) omedetou kurisumasu (iida kaori, sami, ayaka, mika, ishii rika)
10.) morobito kozorite (iida kaori, sami, ayaka, mika, ishii rika)
11.) yuki (tsuji nozomi, ?? sami, rinne)
12.) oshougatsu (ishizawa hitomi, rinne, ayaka, ishii rika)
13.) ichigatsu ichinichi (or tsuitachi ... meaning the 1st ... should double check this one cause I'm not sure) (goto maki, ishikawa ??, takahashi ai, ogawa makoto)
14.) tako no uta (goto maki, matsuura ayumi)
15.) kiyoshiko no yoru (mo-ningu musume, kantori musume, coconattsu musme, ishii rika)

ughhh, a morning musume christmas collection, egad!!!!!
sorry, I can't stand them.

the ?? stand for the names I can't read. But if you're a fan, you should be able to work them out easy enough. I'm not so .... heheh ... I stop here.

hope this helps
Woah! Yes it is a Christmas CD :) Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.
By the way moyashi, I sure wish I could translate like that lololol. Just how long did it take you to learn the kanas and kanji?
安倍なつみ(Abe Natumi)
I don't know well about Mo-ningu musume(Mo-musu).....
Kanojyo tachi no namae wa HP de shirabemashita.
@kanji and kanas
the kanas can be done it about a week. Including hiragana and katakana. Actually writting them fluently a bit longer. I studied at uni for 3 years. kanji especially for names, errr, I guess you just have to stick at it.

I'd say about 4,000 kanji need to learned to read and write pretty much anything. Of course their are official counts and what not (miyuki might know the actual number) but 4,000 or so is a happy medium. I read ??? hell I don't know how many. Write ... hehe about 100 on a good day, I use my mac too much these days.

yep, I'm that

about 5 minutes. I couldn't copy and paste to a text editor so I had to switch back and forth between windows. A little extra occured since I started translating some of them by accident. I don't normally write back to romajii that often... unless it's when I'm burning CD's to my hard drive ;)

hehe, I was too lazy to find their site.

Romaji --> English

Translate to English, please.

Gomen ne. Kimi ga yowai desu ne. Demo, watashitachi wa hanasuna.
nay said:
Gomen ne. Kimi ga yowai desu ne. Demo, watashitachi wa hanasuna.
Could do with a little more context. First two sentences are something like ...

I'm sorry. You're weak aren't you?

but the last one is more tricky without kanji or context. I guess could[/b] be "But we won't tell." but then again it might not.
>Gomen ne. Kimi ga yowai desu ne. Demo, watashitachi wa hanasuna

I guess it was a machine-translated Japanese or like that.
miyuki said:
安倍なつみ(Abe Natumi)
I don't know well about Mo-ningu musume(Mo-musu).....
Kanojyo tachi no namae wa HP de shirabemashita.

Mo-ningu musume -> Morning Musume ??(Girlband)

安倍なみ(Abe Natumi)-> Abe Matsumi ??

I used to be a Morning Musume fan...I'll translate the stuff for you later, yeah, it's definitely a christmas CD.

Especially like song number
4. Snow Dance
7. Mom kissed Santa....that stuck out for some reason...pretty funny, maybe because I can picture it.
8. White Christmas
9. Merry Christmas
11. Snow

Anyway, I'm typing this in about a min...I'm on the way out the door but I'll continue when I get back home today.
Hey Smokin' Buddha, that post is two years old. Don't waste your time translating it!
:D LOL..my bad, I hadn't even noticed. I feel like kicking myself now....LOL. :D Thanks for letting me know though. I remember the board (looked different than now) from years ago but I always read alot (about 3 or 4 years ago) and recently just started posting on it (I wonder why?). I actually had an old log-in but I don't remember what it was or if I used the same email etc... I guess that I'll pay more attention to the date stamps.

Also, did you ever think to archive the old posts so nobody would post in them or remove them, etc.??

Once again, Sorry about that. :sorry:
Really you needn't apologize. The reason that the thread got revived was because nay posted a question here on the 20th. Everything else has been after that. So don't worry too much about replying to the post, because it wasn't due to you that it was at the top of the list to begin with. 👍 🙂
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