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Romaji request

Yuki Snowcraft

17 Oct 2003
Hi, I'm Yuki Snowcraft ^^ I love anime, and through that art-form, have been very interested in Japanese culture and its language. I have studied the language directly and indirectly for awhile now, but I am not serious about speaking it yet. There is an inside-joke going around between some friends and I. There is a certain English phrase that we love to laugh over and use for different purposes; I would be absolutely delighted to know how to say this in Japanese! (Don't ask unless you *really* want to know the reason, but it's silly!) Here it is:

"I sure hope that there is no school tomorrow."

A translation into Romaji would be priceless to me! Thank you!
Well, there are an awful lot of ways this can be done, but with the simplest being:

"Ashita gakkou ga nai to ii to desuyo."
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