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18 Sep 2003
Hello All!

I need help from someone please. My younger sister came here to USA to live with me. She is born in California but raised in Okinawa Japan from when she was 3 so she don't know how to speak English. She just started school here in the US and having a hard time communicating with the teachers here.

I gave her my Japanese-English and English-Japanese Dictionary for her to use at school but our problem now is there are some Kanjis that my sister can't read. She was not too good at her old school so she has a hard time reading the Japanese Kanji in the Dictionary.

I was wondering....Has any one seen an English-Japanese Dictionary with the Japanese part written in Romaji or only in Hiragana, Katakana? I'm not sure if there is such dictionary but IF anyone has seen or heard of it,it would help us a lot if you can let me know where I can get it.

Thank you for reading

Random House's English-Japanese / Japanese-English Dictionary is the best, IMHO. The first part os Japanese to English (in romaji with kanji/kana) and the second half is English-Japananese with both romaji and kana in the definitions.
Thank you all!

I have ordered one from Kenkyusha.Still waiting for it to come.
My sister is doing great at school and the teachers are very helpful.
Maybe in a little bit she'll want to come to this forum to make friends too :)
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