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Robotech rules..., or ruled i should say. It's was about 15 years ago when i watched it. I've seen all three generations though.
I've never seen the original Macross though. Took me a while before i found out that Robotech was just a cut up version of Macross.

While watching the 3 generations in the States I knew of the existance of Macross. I've also seen Macross 3 times. Too bad that the Robotech series is much more interesting and famous.

I've seen parts of Macross 7 which is 4th generation? .... I'm 50-50 on that series though.

Back then ... the attention grabber was that a main character could be killed off. I wonder if it wasn't due to Robotech that helped spread the fame of anime?
Robotech got me started with anime. I can never put it down.

Though I prefer each of the series separated, and my favorite of them is the underrated, underappreciated Southern Cross.
Well the only Robotech I've watched is the Macross Plus 2 DVD OVA.I must say it rules. One of my tops! :) 👍
Mazinger and Robotech are the first animes I've seen, when I was about 8 years old. I saw it again last year, and I was amazed, because I liked it much more. Of course, I liked Macross much more than the rest, but I think Mospeada is very good too.
Here in Argentina Robotech was an overwhelming success, and even 18 years after the repetition had a very good rating.

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There are skins from Macross and different anime series.
Macross fan, here. Never got the chance to see the Robotech, the series, only the Do You Remember Love and Macross Plus movies. This last one is awesome.
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Oh, wow, I LOVED Robotech! I have much of it on DVD, and I adore Macross 2 and Macross Plus, only seen a little bit of Macross 7. Robotech was awsome, but I think I prefered Macross Plus; it's just a better story, better animation, better music ^.~ And that's another thing: I have the "Macross Song Collection" CD from the original Japanese Macross series, and the whole English Robotech, and I have to say I MUCH prefer Macross!Minmei to Robotech!Minmei... Macross!Minmei just had a bigger repertoire and a cuter sound. Robotech!Minmei sang maybe three or four songs, and they got old fast. But that's the only detractor I can think of from the series in general, despite the sometimes-poor animation (i mean, it looks like colored pencils in some places, for god's sake!).
Minmei's song.

Hehe, you just reminded me of something:

In one episode (perhaps in the Macross saga?) an MC introduces Minmei and tells the audience that's she's going to sing her new song for everyone - and she ends up singing the exact same song she sung at the very beginning of her career. I found it somewhat amusing ^^;
Macross is in my top two favorite anime, the other Kenshin (which one is my favorite depends on what day you ask me). I actually started on Japanese macross, then watched robotech, and then went back to macross, when Macross II came out. I'm not going to even compare Robotech to macross, since Robotech is a hacked up gawd awful version of one very good series and two decent japanese ones, spliced together by an idiot, Carl Macek.

Macross Plus is the best of the series in my mind, Although I liked Dynamite 7, and what I've seen of Macross Zero. The mechanical Designer of the Macross series Shoji Kawamori is about as close to an anime genius as you can get, he did all the Valkurie designs AND the designs for Evangaleon.
i think my friend watches it, but i dont know what hes up to now, he downloads every episode and then just watch and watch till he has seen every last of them, he's seen Chobits, Mahromatic, and many more, he eats, drinks and sleeps Manga
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