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Rishiri Island

thomas those web pages are xcellent, it makes you want to go there,and I agree the pictures are very beautiful, they are a must to us non japanese people who have a interest in your country
Deborah, you could go one step further and visit web sites offering live webcams located in Japan. Watching those live stills from Japan made me feel much closer when I was separated from my gf (now wife). :emoji_wink:

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Thomas the web cams are brilliant,
Please keep up the great work of introduceing us to the side of Japanese life that we would never get the chance to veiw,
and I can see how it would keep you close to the things in life that are most important, thanks again,

Debs xx
Glad you liked it, Deborah!

And while watching Japan through live cams you can also tune it to some Japan-related online radio stations:


Now that's what I call virtuality! :emoji_wink:
Yep, Rishiri and Rebun are about 6 hours from Sapporo by car, with a 1-2 ferry ride across.

They are very beautiful from what I here ... probably better than going to Mt. Fuji which literally "STINKS".

I haven't been there personally but are definitely on my list of places to finish off my coverage of Hokkaido.

If you plan on going plan for the months of July and August ... all others are pretty cold.

Although, if you come in June you can see the Yosakoi Festival which is just fun to watch. Similar to traditional hand twitching dances from down south but done to more modern music and speakers.

Plus, you get a chance to go to the beer garden festivals too!

Only problem with Hokkaido is that it's not Japan.
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