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10 Apr 2002
Hello All,

I was wondering what kind of rice is the most favorite kind in Japan. I can go to the store and buy many different kinds and styles from Asia, but what kinds do they have in Japan? I love in Minnesota, USA.

For most people the white, short grain, 'Japonica' rice is the only rice they use. It is the type that can be cooked in an electric rice cooker without any adjustment of time or water quantity, and has the correct level of stickyness to eat easily with chopsticks.

Of course there are varieties of 'festival' rice as well, but for everyday use - white, short grain, Japonica :)
The rice that I have been using is the short grain "sticky" rice. So maybe it is the same stuff.
The rice I enjoy the most has to be basmati. It's short grain and quite dry at times (maybe it's just my cooking), but I have never mastered chop sticks, so a fork has to use, although someday I will use chop sticks and surprise myself at my skill of cooking the perfect rice dish, haha.

Let me add my 2 eurocents as well.

Although Japanese rice is easily available in Europe, it can be pretty expensive. When preparing Japanese dishes we often replace or mix it with Italian risotto rice (short or round corn rice). Even Japanese were not able to tell the difference. ;)
Japonica all the way!

But I have to eat horrible rice at home right now.

Thought I would bring this topic back up so people can put their favourite rice! Better than starting a NEW topic... :D
I thought this was going to be about the different kinds of Japanese rice, such as koshihikari, akita komachi, etc.
The OP is about what rice is the most popular in Japan. I believe the question has been answered.

You're free to talk about your favorite rice all you want, but this thread has served its purpose, so I will humbly ask you to start a new one. Thanks!
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