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17 Jul 2002
What does this tongue-twister I've just made up mean ?

"sobou na sobo no soba no soba ni sabo ga sobaeru".


A saboteur is playing pranks next to my wild grandmother's noodles.

Not a very common situation, but with a bit of imagination... (I've got some extremely advanced computer equipment at home and work for a secret government agency. A saboteur comes at night into my house and I see him through the surveillance camera in my room. He playing pranks next to the kitchen table where the noodles my grandma made for me lies).
Not sure is the following is grammatically correct. That's a sentence (I've) made entirely with the phonetic word "kakou".

"kakou ni iru no kakou no hito wa kakou ni kakou wo mite, kakou made kakou shite, kakouhin no naka kakou wo kau".

窶ーテ芝津サ窶堙俄?堋「窶堙ゥ窶ーテ伉甲窶堙個人窶堙坂?ーテ債港窶堙俄?ーテ芝津オ 窶堙ー窶堙昶?堙?、窶ーテ最津サ窶堙懌?堙??ーツコツ行窶堋オ窶堙?、窶ーテ?工窶「i窶堙娯?吮??窶ーテ?ツ催ヲ窶堙ー窶敞停?堋、ツ。

"A 61 year old person standing on a crater sees fire light in a river port, descends to the river mouth and buys delicacies in the middle of processed goods."

This scenario is totally possible in Japan where volcanos and ports abound.
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