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That video has actually been played on the several Dutch music channels. Remarkable, since the song didn't do anything in the charts.

Seems like a fun profession, directing musicvideo's. :)
Have you ever thought of making a living through internet? Just think of combining your interests (net, Jpop, Japan) in order to bring home some beacon. There are ideas aplenty...

Hmm, i reccon most ideas would require a large financial investment.

Cyberbegging seems to be a popular these days. :D
Hm, not that large actually. You need a few reliable partners, an infrastructure and a lot confidence - and an idea.

Cyber-begging: I once thought of adding a "Please donate" button to our site, but that might have created an impression of dire need and despair, lolol, so I gave it up.
I'm actually thinking of doing just that. If only to be able to afford a proper domainname.
It's just 14€ a year to register a domain. Btw, I'm holding japanpop.net, need it? :)
No thanks, i'm afraid that would lead to brandconfusion. :)

Well, i guess i need to work out a few businessplans, if i'm ever to break out of this daytime job.

My... erm... rants appeared to be overheard. I got fired today... 😲
Peter, I am very sorry to hear that! Have you been notified before? Here in Austria they have to notify you at least 6 weeks prior to contract termination.

Do you have any job alternatives?
Well, i got the notification today. It will take about 6 weeks before they get the permit to actually fire me.

It had to happen sometime. There hasn't been any proper amount of work in months. I had the bad luck to be the last one that started on that department. Last one in is the first one out. I wasn't the only one though.

I'm currently looking for alternatives. I've had my first job-interview already today, but i really want to check out all my options. If there's any chance for a carreerchange, then now is the time to take it.

Hmm, now i wish i didn't make fun of my friends in the IT business when they got fired. I never expected it could actually happen to me.
Career change... welp, nowadays you have to be flexible. I haven't worked in "my field" since two years, and the current job situation looks rather dim.

Perhaps it's time to take the plunge and try something completely new. Internet.....?

Hmm... i think that bubble already burst...

Well, there's one way to make money off the internet...
We could start a website with naughty bits. :devilish:
Naughty bits and bytes, lol. Well, as long as it's Japan-related... :p
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