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Research on the Working Holiday Agreement


26 May 2011
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Hello, my name is Michael and I am currently conducting research at the Australian National University (ANU).
My thesis title is- Pacific Bridge: the flow on effects of the Australia-Japan Working Holiday Agreement.
I am looking for Australians or Japanese people who are currently on or have had a working holiday visa in Japan / Australia to help with the research.
I have a questionaire that will take approx. 5 mins to fill out that is integral to the study.
I intend to see the correlation between individual participancy (micro) in the Working holiday program and the wider bilateral relationship (macro) between Australia and Japan.
If you are able to spare a little time and are interested in helping improve the Australia-Japan relationship please send me an email or reply to this post, with the title Pacific Bridge in the subject line and I will send you the questionnaire and more details about the research.

The research will be made available by the end of this year and will be shared with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) at the Japanese Embassy in Canberra upon publication.

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