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Request for correction


16 May 2005
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I think it is JREF's responsibility to correct the following page which include false information:

Mitsubishi Pencil is not a part of Mitsubishi group even though it holds the same company name and the three diamonds logo. If you just search around this topic in Japanese language you'll know the backgrounds.

Quotation from Mitsubishi Group Website:
mitsubishi.com Mitsubishi Companies

Q6: Why isn't Mitsubishi Pencil included in the list of Mitsubishi companies on this web site?
A6: It often causes a lot of confusion owing to the same "Mitsubishi" name, but Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd. is not a part of the Mitsubishi companies. They have a completely different origin. For information on Mitsubishi Pencil, please refer to their company web site. (http://www.uni-ball.com/uni-ball/)
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