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reisei to jounetsu no aida


15 Nov 2002
Saw this movie recently on video....took two viewings to catch all the things from the various flashbacks and such....pretty good movie....reminds me of another movie I saw called "Angel: boku no uta wa kimi no uta" or some such title like that, where they used Elton John's "Your Song" as the title theme....liked both movies...haven't found any subtitled versions of the movie only in engrish, however... :(

Reisei uses three languages in the movie: Italian, Japanese and Engrish, so it was interesting trying to keep up with the movie :D
in the previews, they had some funky movies like The Returner (looks like some kind of matrix-like SF movie) and one supernatural movie I think called Onjou-something or another....forgot the title already... :( Onjoumei? something like that....kind of reminded me of Chinese ghost story and Teito Monogatari put together... :D
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