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14 Mar 2002
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Perhaps not typical, at least a vehicle one does not really want to ride too soon. Reikyushas are mortuary vans used to transport the deceased from the mortician to the crematory.

Most of these vehicles are heavily decorated, but show no Buddhist symbols so they can also be used for Shinto ceremonies.


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hehe, that's a cheapy version.

Looks like a regular Cadilac with a cheap Shrine on top. Many use limosine conversions with Full gold errr not pure but as a paint like covering.

If you can get Juzo Itami's movie "The funeral" you can see a pretty typical type and learn a whole bunch about funerals and other points that make many Japanese giggle at themselves :)

Cool, Thomas, I was thinking about a similar topic the other day :)
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I found the pic in a magazine. I'm sure there's more to be found online.

See the latest model below

=> reikyusha.com


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wow,, there's nothing like going out(as in the term leaving this life) in "STYLE".

🙂 I have never seen such a vehicle, the second vehicle resembles the hearse used here, but the first one is amazeing!! and thats supposed to be the cheap version?? :)
Yep, that's a cheapy.

I do believe that there are also pet hearsts.
moyashi--"no way" pet hearsts, hahaha, now that takes the biscuit,,lol:p what ever happened to your pet getting buried in the back garden,haha
haha, back garden that's funny. back gardens are almost non existent in most cities. And it would be pretty gruesome when you rebuild your house in 30 years and dig up spot and mittens by accident.

Their are also real pet cemetaries over here too. I have seen places where you can put your pet's ashes along side of your ancestors.

Now the scary thing is if you plant spot in a nice shady corner and forget to pray for him you'll end up getting haunted by him ;)
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Good grief, I never want to be haunted by our dead hamsters!
well if thats the case(haunting) I'v got about 4 kitten,aduck,a tortoise,3 dogs, 2 frogs and not to forget my deceased goldfish (maybe 12 in total), abudgie and a ferret, all floating around my air-space just waiting to take their revenge😭 hahaha

The amount of pets I'v had has been unreal,OH Dear!! come to think of it there's rabbits,mice,stick insects, and tropical fish all floating around as well!! My house is so crowded with spirits, I need an exorcist😲 😌 :mad: hahaha.
lol hmmm and your probably right moyashi:eek:

To-day while surfin the net a little bit, I came across a site about Japanese superstitions,, there was one that was quite strange to me and it did not give an explanation, it stated that while a funeral car passes, you are supposed to "hide your thumb" can anyone tell me where this superstition came from and if its a common well know superstition in Japan, :confused:
The thumb is referred to as "oya-yubi" [parent finger] so if you don't hide your parents the dead person's ghost will take your parents along with them.

Yeah, this pretty well known but mostly among children.

Sort of like ... step on a crack and break your mother's back.
wow! thats fasinating, thanks moyashi-san🙂
I really thought that the site was "making it up at it went along". "proved wrong"and this superstition is one that I'v never came across before, I will start to do this as an automatic response now, because that superstition is so to speak "scary and straight to the point", I'l never pass a funeral,,,,,, in the same manner again🙂
oops, sorry about that.

Funny thing is that some Japanese do it even for Ambulances. But I don't think that's right.
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