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Rei Shimura books by Sujata Massey


10 Mar 2003
Has anyone read the books about antique seller/english teacher/detective Rei Shimura, by Sujata Massey?
Which books have you read, what do you think about them?
And, is the Japanese life in the books described as realistic?

I have read 3 parts in Finnish, and i really loved the character of Rei right after the first one i read (The Flower Master). Unfortunately they have only translated these 3 books in Finnish ( The Flower Master, Floating Girl, Zen Attitude), so i had to order some more books in the series in English. In a way it's of course good to read books in the original language, and for me it's also a good practice..but then again, since english isn't my native tongue, I might not understand everything as I'm suppose to. Right now I'm reading The Salaryman's Wife, and I've got The Bride's Kimono waiting for me in the bookshelf.
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