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15 Apr 2002
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"How you gonna call?" GHOST BUSTERS! :box:

Reikan (spirit sense) is the ability to feel,hear,sense,see,interact with spirits.

How powerful are you?

Level 1 :: the ability to sense that something/somebody is watching you.
Level 2 :: the ability to hear sounds and voices
Level 3 :: the ability to see light and shapes
Level 4 :: the ability to see vague ghost like aparitions ... ie closest would be the movie Ghost with Woopie and Patrick
Level 5 :: REAL SCARY ****!!! You can actually interact and yell at pesky buggers who actually take on human form. ... Probably like the movie 6th sense.

I'm not sure but I've had Level 3 experiences before. That's if what I saw is possibly what I saw or that I think that I've seen ....

Thank goodness I'm not in the level 4 category since this is one bad area since you go through all kinds of psychological experiences while Level 5 you sort get used to it since you can complain.
Not sure about my spiritual senses, but I never want to go beyond Level 1.

Some of my Japanese in-laws claim they had Level 4 experiences, something they deal quite nonchalantly with, their stories gave me the creeps (I think we discussed that in the ghost thread).

I'm not sure if you could call Level 5 "Real scary ****". Maybe it takes a little getting used to at first, but once you come to terms with it, it's actually pretty cool. I mean, it's not like those spirits are dangerous or anything. They were only human...

Personally, i don't think i have any of these abilities. Actually, i'm usually doing my best ignoring most real people.

I've looked into OOBing a few years ago, which is an Out Of Body experience. It seemed like a handy craft to be able to walk the surface of the planet and just leaving your body safely at home.
I probably did it wrong because it never worked for me. Probably for the better, because i read that some people never found their way back into their body again. Now that's scary ****!
hmmm, I'd say I'm about the 4th stage, I once kind of interacted with spirt in the form of a child, I was going to its aid, then realised that it was not a child at all, and yes its "scary ****":eek: but to speak or understand its motives is another dimension, one that I do not wish to enter or be part of.🙂
moyashi sensei...I have to point this out...lol

how I am gonna call is by using the phone...who I am gonna call is the ghostbusters...LOL

you've been over there too long buddy
Thanks SamuraiTora ;)

hehe, the little boxer guy is cute :box:

Actually ghost busting in Japan is a very profitable occupation :D

I used to think like Twisted that they were people at one time. Hmmm, watch "The Ring" it's a real good introduction to ghost stuff in Japan. Ghost are nothing to go around and have a few jokes with. They have a tendancy to attach themselves to you since they are so lonely and normally try to pull you into their world. Unless, of course, you're stronger than them.

Wish I could sense free money tweny kilometers in any direction. ...(wishful thinking again).
I have had some pretty weird experiences to say the least, not so much with seeing but feeling. I once stopped a kid from hitting me from behind without turning around. I just caught his arm and held it there behind my back. The kid never touched me again.... :)
I've also had places that I absolutely REFUSE to go in because the feeling is so overwhelming. It doesn't have to be an entire room either, just part of it. It is pretty freakie, I have quite a respect for the spiritual world. I dream things things that happen sometimes. I just think it's a way for the spirit world to communicate with us without us really knowing or admitting. Life is filled with strange things... ;)
my brother -in law says he's had close encounters with the spooky kind.....
I have not....
but I did have a friend who did see spooks quite often when she stayed in the US..pretty funky stuff, too....like disembodied legs dropping onto her desk in the middle of the night, dripping blood....women's legs at that....freaked her out, but when the apparition faded, she said it was just one of those close encounters....makes me wonder if there wasn't a crime comitted in the house she stayed at....

kind of reminds me of this movie out in japan....

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I'd say that I'm in Level 1. Not sure what you mean buy hearing sounds and voices, if you mean some ghostspeak then I aint in level 2..

But I've had some activity on Level 3, but that doesn't happen often :)
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