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Region Free Dvd Player


25 Jun 2002
Yay! I've been saving like crazy for a good region free dvd player and I finally got my wish. Last night I won an auction on Ebay for a highly recommended Region Free Dvd player. Now I'll be ready to view all those great DVD's from Nippon. Can't wait. I'm also bidding on the DVD of Spirited Away. Once I get it and watch it, I'll be sure to post a review of it so all you North Americans know what to expect when it hits theatres in September 2002.
Nice go eh!

I wonder if you can't use a computer to do something similar though.
Add a hack or 2 and bingo!

I did that for playstation games ;) You're not supposed to be able to play japanese version ... hehe
Lol that's cool! I'll have to research that in the future if I ever get a playstation. I'm sure you could do it with your computer except we don't have a DVD rom and I'd rather watch a DVD on tv lol.
oops, was talking about my mac there with the playstation 1 games.

I screwed myself and got a SONY dvd home theater thingy. Can only play legit bought DVD's .... no VCDs, no MP3, no Home Brew DVDs .... dont' buy sony .... go cheap and get more for the money ;)

Couldn't you run the video out? My friend uses his iBook to watch DVDs on TV with.
Hmmm... not exactly sure about that. This one plays DVDs/VCDs/CDs/CD-rs/MP3's. I'm pretty sure it would play home brew dvd's ill just have to check everything out when I get it. It's this Lasonic portable one and it comes with one of those plugs u can plug into the cigarette lighter in your car so you can bring it along on the road and watch DVD's.
Whenever I visit Hong Kong I buy pirated DVDs. The pirated DVDs play on any type of DVD player, it's cool. I didn't know there were 'region free DVDs' until I got to Hong Kong. I got the movie "SIGNS" 2 weeks before it came out in theatres in the United States. A word to the wise: DO NOT WASTE 2 HOURS WATCHING 'SIGNS'!!! What a horrible movie!
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