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Reggae SumFest - Japanese Style

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6 Aug 2003
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Just how big is reggae in Japan, it seem that some of the Japanese visitors to Jamaica are not normal visitors. I take my hat off to them because they will go where I am afraid to venture. Anywhere there is reggae and dancehall you will find Japanese, moving to the music and having fun.

It is these exposures that prompt me to seek out and learn more about the Japanese culture. Reggae sumfest 2003, was loaded with Japanese acts and very good ones at that, I was surprised they have not only imitated the music style but created a new style of their own, a blend of Japanese and Jamaican to create something fresh and wicked!

The event was staged at the festival's main venue, Catherine Hall in Montego Bay, St. James, and was the last night of the annual event. Backed by the Japanese band Home Grown, which was excellent to put it mildly, the male Moomin was the first on-stage and he stunned with a voice as sweet as a plum in the middle of summer.



Last year's Dance hall queen in Jamaica was a Japanese, Junko Kudo.

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