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Reformatory for murder-robbery


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14 Mar 2002
3 teens to go to reformatory for murder-robbery

"According to the decision, the three teens and another boy, 12, strangled Shigemasa Morino, 34, who tried to stop a fight the four boys deliberately began late at night Oct 3 at Aichi Gakuen, a prefectural juvenile rehabilitation facility.

They stole Morino's wallet, containing 50,000 yen in cash, and another 16,000 yen from the bag of another facility staffer before escaping, but were soon found at a nearby convenience store.

=> http://www.japantoday.com/e/?content=news&cat=2&id=239402

/me shakes his head in disbelief
TV Commercial:

Interviewer: "Hey you three teens! You've just committed your first homicide and escaped from a juvenile rehabilitation facility... Now where are you going with that 66,000 yen?"

First Teen: "Tokyo Disneyland!"
Second Teen: "Okay... but first lets stop off at the local convenience store."
Third Teen: "I think I just peed in my boxers."
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