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Baka Gaijin
10 Nov 2003
I have a few Japanese Horror films and would like some suggestions for others. At the moment I have:

Ringu (all 3)
Ringu tv series (10 episodes)
Ichi the Killer
Dead or Alive
Dark Water
The Eye (Chinese)
Wizard of Darkness
Nang Nak (Thai)
Story of Ricky (not really horror)

Any more I should look out for.

audition is the most disturbing movie ive ever seen.
i still wanna see the hypnotist.
its not a horror - but Visitor Q is a great film by Takashi Miike (Ichi, Audition etc.) and if uve got the Sci-Fi Channel on sky or cable or whatever then The Happiness of the Katakuris is on Friday night - another Miike film. i havent seen it yet and i cant wait!!! 😄

Battle Royale is definitly a must see also

and u will probably like Takeshi Kitano's films aswell
if you think hyponotizeing people into killing themselves is harsh, watch "audition."
i tell you what, no matter what any girl has ever done to you if you watch that movie you will say, "damn, i got off light."
audition doesnt really bother me that much...i dont know what that says about me though! maybe ive been desensitized?
i kept thinking all that poor guy wanted was someone to love, and look what he got. and then theres the previous boyfriend.... *shudders*
but you have to admit - auditioning girls is a bit dodgy. although whether id resort to such evil revenge is another matter.
yeah true, but his intentions were honorable, which is alot more than i can say for the other producers...

also i had no idea what i was getting into when i watched it, so that may account for some of my take on the movie.
Originally posted by jeisan
audition is the most disturbing movie ive ever seen.
i still wanna see the hypnotist.

I agree... that movie was more creepy then Ringu....not to mention it really didn't make much sense, but craziness isn't supposed to make sense.....everyone should go see that movie (you can rent it at most Hollywood video stores :) )
For people in the UK Freezer is on Sci-Fi Channel at about 1:30am on Sunday night! I haven't seen it yet but I'm looking forward to it. Oh, and Visitor Q is on at about the same time the night before.
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