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Recommended day trips from Tokyo??


7 Apr 2003

I will be going back to Japan in September and this time will go for just under two weeks. I definately want to visit Hakone and Kyoto for day trips this time, where else do people recommend going for a nice day trip outside of Tokyo?


Goshiki numa...milti coloured lakes just norht of Tokyo. Great in the autumn.

But why leave Tokyo? Eveything is so close and although it may take time to cross Tokyo, walking from one station to the next is quite simple.

Meguro has some interesting walks...being one of the older suburbs in Tokyo. There is even a great British Pub there to wet your whistle...my pub "The Meguro Tavern".

see: http://www.themegurotavern.com
Kamakura (just the trip on the antiquated train there along the beach is worth it), Enoshima (close to Kamakura), Nikko, Tokyo itself (if you have a mind), some places in Yamanashi (Shousenkyou in Kofu is really nice), the Fuji 5 Lakes area, Nagatoro in Saitama... They are all relatively easy day trips. Personnaly, I would skip Hakone, though... Too touristy and honestly not that much to see. If you go to see mount Fuji, go to the 5 Lakes area instead...

Pick yourself a copy of the Lonely Planet Japan. They have a whole section on daytrips from Tokyo. Also, if you don't mind planning on the spot, you may want to wait until you get to Japan and drop by the nearest tourist office (where they are bound to have daytrip panflets) or even access the JNTO Web site at Japan National Tourism Organization Web Site
I definately want to visit Hakone and Kyoto for day trips this time

I would plan to spend at least one night in Kyoto if not two. It's not something that you can easily make into a day trip from Tokyo.
Have to agree. Kyoto is not in day-tripping disance and definitely not a one-day stop. You can easily spend 5 to 7 days in the greater Kyoto area and still find stuff to see... I've been there twice in 5 years, both times about 5 days a piece and I'd go back...

Along the day-tripping idea, there's also the Chichibu national park area that's really nice... Nice caves and mountains.
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