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Recommendations for places to live


27 Apr 2005
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Hello all! It's not even a year since I got back from living in Japan...and I am already planning to go back. Before when I was there I lived in Ibaraki as a college student, but this time around I want to teach English somewhere else.

So I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for good cities to live. My biggest concern is a city with a mild Japanese summer. I know it will be hot and humid everywhere that I go, but I was looking for someplace that was cooler than most of Japan - like Aomori, Akita...places like that. Does anyone live in those prefectures that could tell me what it's like? I really want to stay away from big cities - I went to Tokyo every other week and for me there was nothing to do there, and after going to Kyoto twice I was pretty set with that city (although I would go back for the food - yum!).

I figured Hokkaido would be out since travel from there would be too expensive, and I figured the cost of living was way up there as well.

Any comments on places you all live would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
18 Jan 2005
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The place that is cool in Japan is Hokkaido.
A city of Hokkaido is Sapporo, Hakodate.
In Niseko of Hokkaido, tourists from Australia seem to increase
There may be work to use English for.

The place that is cool in Kanto is Karuizawa.
There is a person going to work by the Sinkansen from Karuizawa to Tokyo.👍
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