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I don't know of any websites that have complete tv-programs for download.
Your best bet would be the newsgroup alt.binaries.multimedia.japan

And this is about the best piece of software to leech that group dry:

I don't know about any capture sites either, but I do know of one site that offers "Realvideo" streaming broadcasts... and it's the RCC Broadcasting Company in Tokyo. If you have Realvideo already installed on your computer, and are running at least a 28.8 modem, then you can click on the following hyperlink to begin the live feed (just remember that if it is the middle of the night in Japan when you click on this link, then there will be nothing to see, as this is a LIVE feed):

I'm not sure what's going on with the RCC Broadcasting Companies LIVE broadcast... but if you just want to watch the news in Japanese, then you can do it on the Yomiuri News Stream (Realvideo), click on the following hyperlink for free access:

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