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recharging camera overseas??? help


9 Mar 2004
What do you do when you take your Japanese Camera which only takes 110V to a country like Australia or NewZealand which uses 220V-240V???
I have an adaptor fir the plugs but not the power???

There are some adapters that fit plugs and step up or step down the voltage. Your local electronics store should be able to help you. At the worst you can just by an adapter to plug into the socket adapters you already have - for example, from the wall it would go socket adapter->power adapter->camera cord. Is that the kind of thing you are asking about?
what's the model and manuf of the digicam? i know kodak has a travel kit with special plugs produced just for this type of dilemma... if it's a current model, check best buy/circuit city/compusa, ect for that model on those sites... then ckheck under accessories on the same page... it worked for me. good luck!
Its for a Sony T1, but i have just realised that it can accept 240V no problem!

But now, a gift i am taking a Japanese toaster needs a converter!
anyone else?

I think i might need a step down converter so that the Aussie 240V steps down to the Japanese 110V power!

Still dont know where!

Surely, some Japanese ppl would have to do this when they come to Australia! May when ppl froom the USA come to Australia too!

Please help
Sorry for my lack of help,
but if you do find a solution, be sure to post it here as im facing the same probelm.
I know that most of the digital camera they support 100V to 240V, especially those made by japanese compagny, they only have to make one model that way, and it is possible to sell them worldwide...
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