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8 Jan 2004
Greetings all. My name is Glenn, and I live in Baton Rouge, LA. I have been studying Japanese for about three years on and off, mostly on my own by way of the internet, books, and Japanese television (thank God for IC). I also frequent the message boards at Japanese Online and Teach Yourself Japanese. Other interests include music (I am a guitarist and am currently in a band), anime (you are probably tired of seeing that, huh?), and linguistics (although I know nearly nothing about it, I find it interesting). That is about all there is to know for now, so I will end it here. 窶堙??堋、窶堋シ窶堙ヲ窶堙ォ窶堋オ窶堋ュ窶堋ィナ?ティ窶堋「窶堋オ窶堙懌?堋キツ。

Originally posted by kirei_na_me
We've got another fan of IC on board, eh? ;)

Oh yeah. I just wish that they would show Japanese programming everyday, and not just from 9 - 10 AM Central.
hiya glenn and welcome, yeah the international channel is cool, wish i had it here though. anyway have fun on he forum.
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