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Reccomended Homestay Programs? Help!


13 Oct 2003
Hey all,

I'm a 16 year old guy turning 17 in December and I'm a Junior in high school. I'm currently looking for a reliable homestay program and I was wondering if there's anybody here who could reccomend some? Preferable those who have done the program they talk about.

I'm basically looking for a summer program that goes for at least 3-4 weeks (My school's summer break is June 14th-September 3rd). I don't care about where I'm placed in Japan (but if I was forced to choose it'd be the countryside, don't ask).

I don't want to go on a program like Rotary Exchange that forces you to go on events with other American students and makes you do paperwork on your homestay. I would have nothing against going to events with host families, but going on events with friends who speak English is something I can do anytime in the USA..

I've been studying Japanese since September; and oddly enough my interest in Japanese didn't stem from a love of anime or a lust for asian women :p I'm hoping that a short stay in Japan can help me with the language and open up my mind to the culture and people.

Thanks to all who respond!! 👏

P.S. Don't get me wrong about the summer only part, I'd *love* to do a year/semester stay in Japan but I'm pretty sure a Japanese high school would chew me up and spit me out. And I think it's alittle too late seeing as how I'm a Junior..
Reccently I have also been interested in an exchange program to Japan. After reasearching for a while i came across ASSE, which is an cheap affordable program that might be what your looking for. They have full school year programs(B average required) that leave in march, so if you wanted, you could do it senior year. Last i checked it was $6,500 for the whole trip, including airfare. If you apply before Febuary you get 10%off. The deadline is august. They also have summer programs but I havent looked into them much. I am planning on going for the March 2005 term, myself. Sorry, i forgot about the site, its www.asse.com ...I should get paid for this kind of advertizing.
Speaking of student exchange check out www.afs.org there pretty good and the cost is about 9 000$ Canadian. But the year semester would be for 2005 since the dead line for the application was November. Anyway theres also some summer camps but I dunno if Japan is part of it.

There alot of forms to fill out and you will get a interview to see what your like. I also like to inform you that if your on medications you have less of a chance of going. Don't ask me why but I didn't get accepted because I'm on happy pills 😄
BTW, if anybody happens to know of any short-term homestay programs in the U.S. please let me know. We'd be interested in hosting visitors on a short-term basis.
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