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13 Oct 2003
Ok well, this is going to happen sooner or later, and it might as well happen sooner than later. But, it's time for some dosage of reality.

Japanese is a language. Not the easiest one, not the hardest one. However; it takes more than a month to learn. And I'm sorry, but you can't learn it all online. I quote someone from here when I repeat that "Learning Japanese over the internet is like learning how to drive a car over the phone". I feel the need to bring this up from the endless amount of people saying "I like anime. I want to learn Japanese. I want to live in Japan.". Let's take a good look at these feelings.

You like Anime, right? That's cool. And now you're obssessed with it to the point you want to learn Japanese so you can watch anime and read manga, and possibly move to Japan to become a manga-ka! I daresay that for every anime fan that learns Japanese because of anime, 1 out of 500 will ever become fluent and attain their "dream". And by that time, if you're that 1, will it be worth it? Will spending those years (yes, it WILL take years), to become fluent in Japanese, be worth it? Make a list of your past hobbies and favorite things to do. Which ones have stayed strong for years on end? What happens down the road when you get older and stop liking anime? I've seen it many times and I'll see it many more: Kid takes Japanese because of anime, finds out that it's a real language, says it's too hard then quits. Or: Kid takes Japanese because of anime, stops liking anime, quits Japanese.

And what about living in Japan? Why? Don't say you'll BS it all and only learn Japanese when you get there, because chances are you won't. What can you offer a Japanese company that a native Japanese can't? In this case I hope you're either fluent in Japanese, or have damn good skills. And why would you live in Japan if you can't speak Japanese? Do you know how much it costs to live in Japan? To have a family in Japan?

Also, if you want to live in Japan, you need a job. To get a job, you must complete college. Don't tell me you're moving to Japan when you graduate from high school, because you're not. And if you try, reality will give you a swift kick in the arse.

And..This fetish and craving for Japanese women going around..I'd like to say..Hey all you guys with yellow fever, get a damn grip. Japanese women are *women* too, they're not any more or less special. They still have feelings, still know what an ugly guy looks like, and aren't extremely easy and submissive. If you go for looks, you reap what you sow..Because rest assured every rose will have it's thorns. And by the way having to go to a different country to get a girl is sad in and of itself. There's a girl for every guy and guy for every girl out there, find one you can love for their personality, not because they're a 5'2 black hair/eyes 90 pound girl named Yuki, mm k?

In the end..Look deep inside you..What do you really think will happen? Why do you really want what you want? I'm not trying to be mean, but a good portion of people have their heads in the clouds. And I figured it'd be better to bring reality to these such people before worse happens.

You can flame me if you want, tell me I'm wrong, that I'm an ***, tell me your an exception, or you're number 1/500. It doesn't matter to me, because all will be revealed in the unfolding fabrics of time.

I hope you not talking about me, becuse I really am planning this out(going pretty good too)

nice rant though, it might get some of the dreamers and kids to think before they do something very stupid like going and geting stuck there.

I loved Japan when I was there SOOOOOO much !!! BUT after 2 years I had enough and wanted to go home. There are so many things that are little hassels and annoyances and after a while they build up to the point you want to go back to your normal life and real home. I would say go for sure, but make the first trip a visit to scout things out. The number 1 thing you need (besides money) is the language skill. You might as well be on mars without oxygen as in Japan with out knowledge of the reading, writing, and speaking.


Nice post.

I was thinking similar things, but didn't want to discourage people. Reality checks can be painful.....

What bothers me even more are some of the people who make it to Japan. (the irony, the irony...)
I fear the social rejects of America escape to Japan for the psuedo-celebrity status of "gaijin-san."

But, it's not my place to judge. Everyone has a right to pursue happiness, no?
Originally posted by mad pierrot
What bothers me even more are some of the people who make it to Japan. (the irony, the irony...)
I fear the social rejects of America escape to Japan for the psuedo-celebrity status of "gaijin-san."

so right MP! :D Those kinds of people tend to leave after a couple of years when the honeymoon wears off and reality sets in.

While I agree with the original poster, I don't think it will do alot of good. I don't believe anyone of those Japanophiles (right word?) will read this thread and change their ways ..... they will have to find out for themselves. If their love of Japan is based on Anime then it will be a short-term affair. I guess some of them think life in Japan is as magical as an anime episode hehe life is life and it's pretty tough where ever you are in the world.

still know what an ugly guy looks like,
You'd think so.... but.... having a gaijin boyfriend is so popular and they don't seem to be so picky...

btw, I personally don't like calling Japanese "yellow" but.... since Japanese themselves don't care I'll let you get away with it :p I've lost count of the times Japanese women say to me "You have such lovely white skin, I am yellow...." It still makes me laugh.
very true sacred my school is filled with otakus who think the way you described and it alwasy makes me laugh when they called somebody a "baka" and somebody askes them what it is and they "oh its japanese, yeah i can speak it" so then ill go up and say something like
"nihongo o totemo yoku wakarimasu ka?" and they give me this dead blank stare cause they dont have the slitest clue of what i said, so i tell them it japanese and they say o well i only know 2 phrases in japanese...so they think there 2 phrases counts as knowing japanese. buts also these people that make me somewhat nervouse about telling people im learnign japnese because they always assume that im in it because i like anime or japanese chicks and not because i may infact :gasp: really like japan, the culture and the people
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