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Reading and responding practice


23 Nov 2002
im looking for some web pages or doc files where i can read some passages in japanese, im not that advanced, i dont think, so i dont want a peice with too much kanji in it, i can only read 300 -350 kanji characters... it seams alot not that i said that :)
anyway is there any japanese texts out there which i can practice reading with lots of grammer ?
Thanxs for you help
Any of the Japanese for Busy People series from JALT (www.jalt.org). Those are great text books. Get the kana version of the books for more practice. Get the CDs too, while you're at it. The better you get, the more kanji they integrate in the text.

I have found that doing this while studying kanji and substituting the kana in the text for kanji is great practice. I'm using a book entitled "Kanji & kana" from the Tuttle Language Libray collection. It's a really good combo.

If it helps any, I've been in Japan for 5 years now, can read and write about 1000 kanji and I still have trouble reading magazines and the newspaper. Keep at it.
And if you're at all interested in print materials here is an earlier thread on Japanese textbooks. I can second the recommendations for the 'Japanese For Busy People' and 'Youkoso,' series'. Youkoso esp for practical grammar advice, no romaji & slightly more natural dialogues than JFBP.

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