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Reading about Japan


3 Feb 2003

Before I go would you recomend that I should read alot of Japan, I have heared that it is not necesary?


Depends how your going over. Tourist? Read the tourist books for places to go and see.
To work? Read up on the laws and things people have to say/

Its not needed but you wont be feeling so naked once you get there
It would be useful the read about all the cool places Japan has. How can you go see something nice if you don't know it exists? I'm going to visit Saitama prefacture so I read about it and found some really nice places to visit there.

I think a little understanding is useful. Language, customs, places... but you might want to get adventurous and go where the wind takes you. You can have fun either way.
The Lonely Planet book on Japan is good to have, as the Lonely Planet books are very comprehensive and cover a lot of areas, e.g. big cities, sightseeing, shop, custom etc... 🙂
..I think it's absolutely useful to read about any place your going to visit.
Why on earth wouldn't it be? I think it's not only useful, but also fun, to plan your trip etc. In a way I think it's also a godd manner to study about your destination, so that you won't be totally unaware of local specialities, ways etc, and that way offend the local people.

I've been dreaming about my trip to Japan for a couple of years (about 1 year with a more serious attitude), and I've been to Japanese language courses, Japanese aesthetics course, watching Japanese movies, listening to Japanese music, writing to my Japanese penpals etc..it has really sort of "opened" the door for me, and it has also just made me dream about and want this trip more and more. I just want to know more and more, and really _experience_ Japan :)
Now I have the Lonely Planets guide book for Kyoto always travelling with my in my bag, so that I can read it in buss/train etc. It's very useful, interesting and a fun book...I recommend it.. ;)
Bah, do something different, go to a JSDF base in spring when they have a cherry blossom festival. Lotsa fun
yeah, and you could also learn TONS from this site alone. the site and the forums have a load of info. ☝
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