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3 Sep 2003
hey guys nathan here, i guess i better do the self introduction thingy:
been skateboarding for over 10 years (ps there are heaps of spots in japan (not just in tokyo))
been studying japanese for about 10 years
lived there for 18 months
into yoga (about 6 years)
make flower remedies for a job
go to uni when im not working (or the other way around) studying childhood education and japanese
mainly (but not only) into punk music (the anti-racist, pro-feminist, anti-homophobic, equality embracing kind)some bands im into at the moment:
propagandhi weakerthans
crass satanic surfers
ispy kid dynamite
DK's refused
operation ivy thugmurder (japan)
good riddance internation noise conspiracy
swallowing **** warsawpack
also do a bit of fire twirling and read up on politics when im not doing any of the above (anyone into chomsky?)
like to eat organic non GMO food and support local business
i guess thats about it, if you are into any of this stuff send us an email a say hi!
in love and resistance
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