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Reaching kyoto


15 Mar 2002
If someone stays in shizuoka, then can you help me out with the following information?

How can I reach Kyoto from Mishima, Shizuoka prefecture. The shinkansen is available but too costly. :-((
There are cheap buses from Tokyo to Kyoto but are there any from near my place to Kyoto?

I am sorry if I am posting this in the wrong forum, but if someone by any chance knows, then onegaishimasu.

I have planned to spend my New Year in Kyoto, and have already booked a ryokan for my stay,

Thanks a lot
man, all these know-it-alls around here and nobody has said anything yet? i guess they only say something to prove someone else wrong, instead of actually helping and providing info :(
well, hope the op found a solution to op's dilemma
i went from shizuoka to kyoto, but only using shikansen japan railway pass, so i don't know anything :( sorry
if ever meeting a short girl wearing a fannypack named akiko, please tell her i'm so sorry and that it was all my fault! thanks in advance!
i'm so stupid dude! i had the info all the time (i think)

shizuoka city tourist information center
8:30-18:00; closed on dec. 29 - jan.1
jr shizuoka station
50 kurogane-cho
shizuoka city
shizuoka prefecture

i know i'm too late, but maybe it'll help somebody in the future
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