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Rate Your Mate


10 Apr 2004
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I was bored the other day and I came up with a way to rate prospective and current partners for their compatibility with you. You might need paper and pencil for this. It goes like this....

First, choose the 4 qualities that are most important to you. All of them should be in broad terms and different from eachother. Try not to think about a particular partner while you're doing this, but just think about what qualities you like. Try to make it qualities about THEM, not about the way they make you feel.

Second, give 5 points to each quality for a total of 20 points. Now change the number for each quality based on how important that quality is to you. When you're done, the total number of all the qualities together should equal 20. In other words, when you add a point to one quality, you'll have to take one away from another quality. Example....



Third, rate how good your partner is for each quality by giving them a score of: good, very good, incredibly good, average, bad, very bad, incredibly bad. Each score is given a point value...

3 incredibly good
2 very good
1 good
0 average
-1 bad
-2 very bad
-3 incredibly bad

Try not to give out too many 3's, unless you truly can't imagine the person being better (or worse) in that category.

Fourth, after you've rated your partner in all four categorys, multiply the score for each by the number you assigned that quality in Step 2. Then add the points for all four.

The highest score possible is 60 (lowest -60). Anyone scoring 30 or higher is someone you should highly consider, below that, you might think about if that person's right for you.

Try this out with your current partner and maybe a few ex's. If one partner is getting much higher scores than another and it doesn't seem like it should be that way, that's a sign that the points you've assigned to each quality need adjusting. So move the numbers around and give it another try.

Of course all of this is very subjective (but so is love, ne?) but I think it's very useful becasue it forces you to think about (and quantify) what qualities are important to you. I tried it and it was amazingly accurate for me. Does it all make sense? Let me know how it goes. Happy Rating!
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