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Ranma manga

7 Dec 2003
Please, does anyone of you know a website where I can get some Ranma mangas for free?

Please tell me because I really want to see them on the internet.
Have you tried going to dogpile or your favourite search engine and typing in "Ranma pics" then hitting enter?
Ah, the whole free manga thing is really a hit or miss search. It's all luck, I never know what to type in, and I rarely find 'em. Never the ones I want either -.-
Believe it or not, I know a site that shows free manga series.

The bad thing I forgot my name. Let me search a bit, and ill find the site again.
O.O, you're always doing that! You know every useful site out there, but you always forget their names! (I've gotta' bookmark 'em all, I've got a terrible memory)
Well, what can I say, Onigiri Chan? I have prepared myself with knowing many useful sites in Incase. I join a forum with people who need help. 🙂
I take it you mean like scanlations? (If not, please forget my idiocy 😄 ) But, if it is, I know some sites you can go to. (not Ranma, though, since it's licensed... ^_^;;; .)
miss, thank you very much. ^_^;;;

And I mean not licensed by an american company. I know they are all licensed in japan... (And all the scanlation groups I know of have this annoying habit of taking down the scanlations after they are licensed by a USA comp...*sigh* )
Hi there, I've got some good news. I've found a website where you can get from Volume 17 to 36, but not all of them go to this URL


that's the kind of mangas I'm seeking, so if any1 knows a website where they have some more, please tell me
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