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9 Sep 2003

For the past year I have been making a conscious effort to
learn key phrases and words used frequently in Japanese news
broadcasts and newspaper articles. One book I have used for
over a year is titled, "The Latest News in English Chigasaki
Method Monthly". It is originally intended for native-Japanese
English learners but if you are jouyou kanji literate
it can be a great study tool for non-Japanese too.
As as Japanese-English translator I also have a professional interest in this book. The Japanese translation of the English article is of the highest quality. Of particular interest is the words and phrases section for each article. The official translations of phrases you run into time and time again neatly organized for quick review.

For example:
Axis of Evil 悪の枢軸 (aku no suujiku)
Guidline for promotion to Ozeki 大関昇進の条件(Oozekishoushin no jouken)

Looking back at one years worth of key phrases (about 130) I thought how nice it would be if I could input these into a database that could random spit out the phrases to test whether I remember the english or japanese counterpart.

I am searching for a program freeware or otherwise that would allow me to do this. I have gone to some software shops and searched in vain for speed drill typing tutors but have been unable to find one that supports vocabulary database customization.

I am sure that there is something out there that could accommodate my needs. Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Steve Christofferson
Nagoya, Japan
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