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1 Feb 2004
I'm new here... I just want to get to know some peeps. 😄

Anyway, I was just wondering, does the size of your avatar change the more senior you get? I mean, the size of the allowed avatar currently for me is pretty small, and I can't post an avatar that I wanted while I saw some of you guys' avatars are slightly bigger than mine. Just wondering...

Well, I'm a Lil blur when it comes to Japanese stuff... I do watch anime, though, but from where I live, the anime is repeated repeatedly while it's quite expensive to buy the anime at the shops. So, any recommendation for a good anime? I'm not really interested in those sci-fi types, though, but fantasy sits well with me—e.g., DN Angel, Rave, etc. Shadow Skill ain't bad either. First time seeing an anime girl with solid muscles and able to kick hard ***!! :D

I hope to get some replies on this thread, though... sorry if I have created an unnecessary thread or perhaps created a thread at the wrong place. Gomen!🙂
hiya caryncyh and welcome. i moved this to member intros.
nah the avatar size doesnt change for your posts. the max should be 100x100 unless it got reset when the board went offline the other day or maybe the file size is too big. yeah shadow skill is cool i remember watching it on tv a long time ago used to come on thursdays in the afternoon. anyway have fun on the forum. :)

the avatar puzzle also. You can have 2 pics with border sizes 100x100
and 1 will be larger than the other. I think it has to do with resolution settings on the pic; a rez of 75 gives a bigger pic then a rez of 300. I haven't had a chance to confirm it though. Another reason may be type of file, like GIF vs. JPG etc. but not sure. Jeisan works with this more than I do, do you have the answer??
Maybe it all comes down to AVATAR ENVY(similar to pen*s envy) !


Konnichiwa Caryncyh-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. I like Shadow Skill too, I have SS Manga.
Yoroshiku ne. 🙂

Welcome, welcome! I hope you find your stay very enjoyable and intrigueing! For the most part just have fun and try not to piss of the mods!:devilish: Have a nice day! 🌹

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