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Ramen Noodles in Berlin, Germany


27 Nov 2003
I saw this recently on a Japanese TV show:

Cocolo (Ramen)
Mテシnzstraテ歹 2310178 Berlin
Sa/So 19.00 Uhr- open end

The name probably should be "Kokoro" (heart). The proprietor is a German named Oliver who had lived for several years in Japan. He loved Ramen noodles so much he apprenticed himself to a noodle shop and received training in everything from making the soup to egg noodles to the roast pork (chaashuu). He works Monday-Friday as an engineer or something like that so his noodle shop is only open on weekends. He still makes everything himself, including the menma (bamboo shoots). One major difference betweeen his ramen and ramen in Japan: his is about 15 degrees colder. This is because many German customers initially complained that the soup was too hot.

At home, Oliver has a room with tatami mats.
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